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Constructive completion of attractive building ideas

Metallbau Bühlmann AG designs and manufactures designer metal and glass facades as well as VKF-certified fire protection doors. Our objective is for your construction and architecture ideas to come to bear cleanly both from a structural and aesthetic perspective. We are only satisfied when you are.

Sliding window «Sky-View SL»


Farsighted architecture ideas call for more and more decorative and hardly perceivable support materials and profiles. The large-size and frameless sliding windows make it possible.

to frameless sliding windows

Designer facade construction


Getting to the heart of architecture ideas flawlessly and cleanly: residential and office building facades as a mullion-transom facade or as a point-fixed facade.

to facades in aluminium

Fire protection building components


Metallbau Bühlmann ensures safe fire protection building components in residential, office and commercial buildings.

more about fire protection doors

Metallbau Bühlmann AG, Kreuzmatt 11, 6242 Wauwil
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