Doors in aluminium: A welcome entrance detail

At Metallbau Bühlmann AG, aluminium doors are configured depending on the designated protection and with respect to the desired external effect as a stylish frame door with full leaf or with the greatest variety of glass shapes. Bühlmann takes your idea and prepares a technical drawing, manufactures and installs doors in aluminium, isolated or non-isolated, equipped with single up to quadruple glazing or even with bullet resistant glass. We are well aware that a door is ultimately always also the access to something new.

01 Buehlmann Aluminiumtueren 01

Door manufacturer for aluminium doors

As door manufacturer that has proven itself many times for doors in aluminium, we assist you from the door idea up to the final inspection as a reliable partner who supports your ideas. Our project consultants and managers like to keep their eyes and ears open in the interest of a clean implementation.

Frame material
  • Doors in aluminium, insulated, non-insulated

  • Anodised and/or powder coated according to Qualicoat

Clear dimensions
  • Depending on static and visual requirements

Profile depths
  • 67 to 77 mm

Sound insulation
  • Up to 38 dB

Break-in resistance
  • Resistance classes 1 to 3
  • Bullet resistant FB1 to FB4 as per EN 1627

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