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Bühlmann, metal and window construction: Your partner for decorative structural element solutions

Metallbau Bühlmann AG was founded in 1964 by Kaspar Bühlmann as a small metalworking shop in Wauwil LU. After working for five years in his parent’s company, Herbert Bühlmann took over management in 1989 as the second generation. Herbert Bühlmann has been the majority shareholder since 1992. Today, Metallbau Bühlmann AG, with more than 45 employees, is one of the biggest and best-known metal and window construction companies in Central Switzerland.

1964 Founding of Metallbau Wauwil, Bühlmann + Co. by Kaspar and Marlis Bühlmann. Manufacturing starts in rented factory premises.
1972 Company expansion. Purchase of a residential and office building in Wauwil, opposite the rental property.
1986 The limited partnership is converted into an incorporated company.
1987 Acquisition of a plot of land and construction of a new factory and office building.
1987 Start-up of the production of plastic windows.
1989 Kaspar Bühlmann hands over management to his son Herbert Bühlmann.
1993 Land acquisition and factory expansion. Construction of new production hall for plastic windows. World's first 5-axis controlled profile machining centre in use.
1998 The company becomes QM certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.
2005 Certification as a specialist fire protection company.
2007 Granting of the Minergie label module window for the Ideal 5000 plastic window.
2014 50 years of Metallbau Bühlmann AG

Metallbau Bühlmann AG, Kreuzmatt 11, 6242 Wauwil
T 041 984 20 40, F 041 984 20 41, info@buehlmann-ag.ch, www.buehlmann-ag.ch