Services for formative metal and window construction

Metallbau Bühlmann develops and manufactures structural element constructions with special glazing for representative metal and glass facades, energy-saving windows and VKF-certified fire protection doors.

  • Metal construction consulting
  • Cost clarifications (also for third party services)
  • Development of defining construction ideas
  • Preparation of preliminary study plans
  • Preparation of costing
  • Preparation of CAD drawings

  • Project coordination and project team management
  • Legal clarifications, negotiations with third parties, contract management
  • Coordination with third party manufacturers
  • Cost and deadline control
  • Quality assurance

  • Structural element, custom manufacturing in metal, steel and aluminium
  • Single-unit manufacturing and mass production by means of the latest technology processes in the manufacturing plant in Wauwil LU
  • Temporary storage of manufactured structural elements

  • Transport organisation and handling
  • Installation work at the construction site
  • Quality control and preparation of acceptance report

  • Guarantee services in accordance with the contract for work
  • Repair work
  • Facade renovation

Metallbau Bühlmann AG, Kreuzmatt 11, 6242 Wauwil
T 041 984 20 40, F 041 984 20 41, info@buehlmann-ag.ch, www.buehlmann-ag.ch