Facades in steel: With fire protection certificate EI30, EI60, EI90

Fire protection facades with support profiles of steel, stainless steel or in combination with steel and aluminium are manufactured by Metallbau Bühlmann with the narrowest face widths (as of 45 mm) self-supporting in the mullion-transom design. Besides the representative purpose, steel facades from Bühlmann meet VKF requirements for constructional fire protection and prevail due to high thermal and noise insulation. A profile and surface design that is matched to the architecture is a matter of course.

03 Buehlmann Brandschutzfassade 01

Fire protection facades in steel

In the area of fire protection, you can work with the same profiles as for mullion-transom facade construction. Hence, there is the possibility of a combination of fire protection facades and conventional steel facades without differences or any optical detriments. For the planning phase, we recommend involving a proven facade planner. During and after the planning phase, we would be happy to accompany you as a metal construction partner to actively think along with you.

Profile systems
  • Forster, WICONA, Raico

Fire protection
  • EI30, EI60, EI90

Break-in resistance
  • WK 1 to WK 3
  • Bullet resistant up to M3-SF

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