Aluminium facades as a multi-storey glass front

Office and commercial buildings with storey high windowed fronts, held in aluminium or steel profiles ensure the highest level of transparency and openness in the working environment. Metallbau Bühlmann manufactures aluminium facades with the Silicone-Structural-Glazing facade system, which is a glazing technique in which partly oversized glass is glued to an aluminium frame. From the outside, it gives the impression of a smooth, frameless window glass front.

01 Buehlmann Geschaeftshausfassade 01

For a light-flooded office building: facade in aluminium

Aluminium facades and metal facades give the planner and builders a versatile spectrum of design possibilities. Different metals, material thicknesses, surfaces, gloss levels, formats and profiles can be chosen. For a well thought-out office building facade, we recommend involving a facade planner at an early stage.

Profile systems

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