Element facade: The protective curtain for the building

In the element facade, the masonry is given a second skin – a hung facade. The hung element facade is a frequently used facade system for residential and office buildings. It is comparatively light, has good diffusion capability and also has a thermally insulating effect. Ventilation openings and an air layer between the thermal insulation and weather protection layer ensure good thermal insulation. Since the hung facade doesn’t have to fulfil any load-bearing function, it gives planners the highest level of design flexibility.

BUEH Fassaden Systeme Vorhangfassade

In the manufacturing halls of Metallbau Bühlmann AG in Wauwil LU, the individual facade elements are prefabricated exactly to specification in the best working conditions. Afterwards, they make their way to the construction site by means of a transporter where they are lifted up with technical perfection by our installation professionals.

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