Frameless sliding windows «Sky-View SL»

Farsighted architecture ideas call for more and more decorative and hardly perceivable support materials and profiles. Especially in the residential sector, the building trend is for large-size, frameless sliding windows. Metallbau Bühlmann offers a new system for this with sash weights up to 750 kg.

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Frameless sliding window «Sky-View SL»

The large-size, frameless sliding windows pose an additional challenge to planners along with the usual protection functions such as thermal insulation and break-in resistance: the high sash weight. Our project consultants and planners are happy to relieve you of the design planning and project planning of these and other technical metal construction refinements.

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Frame and sash material
  • High-quality aluminium alloys with PA insulating bars
  • Sliding windows: Sash weight up to 750 kg

  • Anodised natural or powder coated according to Qualicoat

Frame profiles
  • Face width: 60 mm (graduated 48/12 mm)
  • Building depth: 183/281 mm (2/3 tracked)

Sash height
  • max. 4 m
Sash width
  • max. 2,8 m
Glass thickness
  • 54 mm
Sash weight
  • max. 750 kg

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