Fire protection windows, insulated or non-insulated

Bühlmann dedicates a great deal of attention to fire protection certified structural elements and fire protection building components in residential, office and industrial buildings. We advise you as a specialist partner, prepare CAD drawings, manufacture VKF-certified window systems and are there for you up to the guarantee acceptance. And we would be happy to go even further. Depending on the requirement, fire protection windows in steel or chromium steel with double insulating glass are used by Bühlmann.

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Fire protection windows in steel or chromium steel

Our experienced project consultants and planners are available to you for the planning and manufacturing of fire protection windows in steel or chromium steel that conform to building codes.

Frame and sash material
  • Steel, insulated or non-insulated
  • Chromium steel 1.4301 insulated or non-insulated

  • Powder coated according to Qualicoat
  • Chromium steel, ground, grain 220-240

Building/element sizes
  • Depending on static and visual requirements

Frame profiles
  • Face width: as of 30 mm
  • Building depth: 70 mm

Break-in resistance
  • Resistance classes 1 to 3 as per EN 1627-1630
  • Bullet resistant 1 to FB4 as per ENV 1627

Sound insulation
  • Up to 45 dB possible

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